21 August Tending Brigid’s Forge – info only SOLD OUT


Tending BRIGID’s Forge

A special event by the Muses and Waterside Metal Art.

Limited places available through www.watersidemetalart.org


Saturday 21 August 2021
5.30-8.30 pm
$230 pp

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of Fire & Smithcraft. She is depicted with flames emanating from Her palm, warming hearth & home (Fire of the Hearth), heating the forge (Fire of the Forge) & sparking inspiration in poets & artists (Fire of Inspiration).

In collaboration with the Muses of Mystery, Waterside is pleased to present the Brigid’s Forge workshop. This workshop is intended for individuals who would like to explore the magick of the forging process and who have little to no experience working with steel and fire. Participants will learn that blacksmithing isn’t about brute strength but instead requires working with fire to alter the physical properties of metal so it can be easily manipulated. This evening workshop will draw upon the energy of a full waxing moon and will be initiated with a smudge smoking, safety induction, and hands-on practical guidance in forging a small ornate wand, in which a small object of significance can be embedded. The evening will conclude with mulled wine and a small fire ceremony. Bring a plate of food to share.

Upon completion, participants will take home one or two forged pieces.

Limited to 13 places.

TICKETS THROUGH WATERSIDE METAL ART ONLY. https://www.watersidemetalart.org