Aura Mist – Muses of Mystery



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All mist contain a secret blend of essential oils and filtered water. All natural and filled with intent. 

Made in Australia by Muses of Mystery

Dimensions 16 cm

Aphrodite's Passion Mist, Artemis Aura Mist, Astral Dreaming, Dark Goddess Mist, Faerie Aura Mist, Fast Money Mist, Florida Water Mist, Happy Home Mist, Hekate Mist, Huna Mist, Kali Ma Mist, Lilith mist, Magus Mist, Moon magick Mist, Pele 3pm Lift Mist, Pele 4pm Lift Mist, Sacred Smudge Mist, Samhain Ancestoral Call, Self Love Mist, Summer Banishing Mist, The Morrighan, Witches Aura Mist