Blended Oils – Muses of Mystery




Self Love Oil – Wear as a perfume or use in spells of self love. Create a nuturing atmosphere and empower yourself with this floral and high vibrancy oil.

Fast Money Oil – Use in spells to attract wealth and money, fast. Add to places where money resides. Add a drop to the palm of your hand so that money will find its way there. 

Van Van Oil –  A traditional Louisiana recipe for banishing and clearing evil, purification, ritual preparation, protection, meditation, turn around bad luck, bring in good luck with money, business and gambling. 

Odin Oil – Honour and connect to the norse god Odin, the all father. Wear as a perfume or anoint and use in spells to Odin. Feel the strength, magick, foresight and the warriors fight. 

Protection Oil –  Use to protect yourself, your home or workspace from unwanted negativity. 

Road Opener Oil – Open opportunities with this oil. Anoint gris gris or charm bags to of road opening herbs. 

Kali Ma (Dark Moon Release) Oil – Invoke the energy and power of Kali Ma

Cailleach Midwinter Ritual Oil – Invoke the energy or winter stirring and the goddess Caileach.

Ritual Oil – An all round ritual oil for use in ritual and spellwork. Anoint ritual tools, spells and altars. 

Courage Oil – Wear as a pefume or in spells to bring courage to yourself and a situation. 

Flowers of Desire Oil – Wear as a perfume or in spells to attract a new love into your life. 

Cernnunos Oil – Breathe deeply in and visualise bringing in the strength and motivation of the god Cernnunos. Connect to wildness of nature. Anoint green candles in honour of Cernnunos. 

Crown of Success Oil – Anoint your solar plexus and heart before exams, interviews or any instance that requires a successful result. Allow success into your life. 

Grief Support Oil – Use in healing spells and breathe in the support when times are blue and sad. 

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil – Use this oil to create a wall of protection that no one or being can penetrate. Use in the home and in spells. 

Faery Magick Oil – Use this oil to call upon the fae and elementals. Bring a playful and magickal energy to your magick. Wear as a perfume or annoint ritual items or offerings to entice the fae and elementals. 

Queen of the Night Oil – Breathe in this fragrant oil and visualise yourself as alluring and attracting to a potential love. Use on red candles to attract a lover. 

Happiness Shines Oil – Use this oil to brighten the mood of your home, work space and self. Brings optimism and happingess. Annoint candles or wear as a perfume. 

Follow Me/ Southern Belle Oil – A traditonal southern american style oil to attact a lover with money and prosperity. 

Hekate Oil – Invoke the powers of Hekate, Queen of the Witches. 

Winter Solstice Ritual Oil – Harmonise and neutralise the power of the season. 

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