Enamel Pin – The Pickety Witch



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Enamel pins of the Witch and occult design.

Made by The Pickety Witch


Anubis, Bastet, Belladonna Mandrake, Black Phillip, Brigid's Cross, Brigid's Lamb, Brigid's Wolf, Ghost Goat, Green Magick Spellbook, Halloween Sheep, Harvest Crow, Learning to Fly, Learning to Summon, May Queen, Oracle, Palm Reader (gold/black), Palm Reader (gold/white), Palm Reader (silver/white), Peony Witch Hat, Plant Witch, Poison Tea, Pumpkin Kitty, Sekhmet, Starlight Bunny (Black), Starlight Owl, Teacup of Fortune, Teacup of Fortune (Black), Teacup of Fortune (White), Three Broomsticks, Visions of Halloween, Witch Poppet (black), Yule Cat, Yule Goat