Faery Loaf – Sea Urchin Large


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In Sussex these were displayed on windowsills as good luck charms to prevent lightning based on a belief they had fallen to earth during a storm and therefore would not be hit by lightning a second time: some thought the sound of a thunderclap was made by the stone falling to the ground.

The strange star-spangled stones are supposed to be able to prevent milk from souring and to predict rain – when a downpour is near, they apparently ‘sweat’.

In Scandinavia, the fossils were use to keep away witchcraft and wicked elves, in Italy they were hung around children’s necks in order to protect them from illness and ward off the Evil Eye and in France they were used to help ease the pain of childbirth.

In Japan they were used to ‘cure’ boils and ulcers, in Malay they sharpened daggers with them and in eastern Europe it was believed that echinoids could reveal hidden treasure if used during Passion Week (the period between Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday).

Diameter 7cm