Green Witch Magick : Essential Plants and Crafty Spellwork for a Witch’s Cupboard – Susan Ilka Tuttle


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Align with the natural cycles of the earth as you explore the 13 essential plants every green witch must know and have in their garden and cupboard for healing, spellwork, and divination.


Plants are a sacred offering from Mother Earth. And witches have always known and understood their healing and magickal powers. Plants hold sustenance, medicine, and wisdom. They gift us with the essentials we need to live and thrive. In return, they ask to be used for the highest good. This is the path of the green witch. With Green Witch Magick, learn how to reconnect with this sacred knowledge.


Noted green witch and herbalist Susan Ilka Tuttle, creator of the beloved Instagram handle @whisper_in_the_wood, shows you how to forage, grow, and work with the plants integral to your green witchcraft practice.


At the core of green witchery is the responsible stewarding of Mother Earth and her precious resources. Learn how to:


Ethically forage and harvest needed plants

Set up your own green witch garden

Work with both wild and cultivated plants in concert with natural cycles

Co-create with plant allies to make natural remedies, recipes and elixirs, and supplies for spellwork


In addition to mastering the practical aspects of green witchery, you’ll learn the energetic and magickal properties of plants and how to effectively use them in ritual and spellwork. For example, did you know that plants associated with the moon are connected to sleep, intuition, and lucid dreams while plants connected with the element of air are connected with psychic powers, intellect, and wisdom?


Reclaim your inherent relationship with the healing magick of nature with Green Witch Magick.