Gypsy Sorcery & Fortune Telling – Charles Godfrey Leland


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Renowned folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland examines the traditions, nature and mysteries of gypsy magic. This edition includes all of the author’s original illustrations.
The various customs, incantations and rituals of the Gypsy communities in continental Europe are brought to life in this text. The author begins by acknowledging the complete lack of knowledge most people have in the subject, and praises the various gypsy communities for their vast and unrivaled contributions to magic, predicting the future, and medicinal cures and philters.
Methodical and well-informed, the author charts a vivid chronicle through centuries of gypsy traditions. Beginning with the affinity of the travelling peoples with sorcery and witchcraft, Bullinger proceeds to discuss the charms and magicks which gypsies would produce or perform – exorcisms of evil spirits, protection of livestock, and recovery of stolen items are some of the reasons behind these unusual practices.
Travelling widely throughout life, Charles Godfrey Leland investigated all manner of esoteric things. He authored many books concerning the traditions, legends and practices of Europe’s peoples. Commended for unearthing obscure writings of yore, his encyclopedic knowledge and great ability to present esoteric lore to a popular audience, Leland’s researches are widely appreciated to this day.