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Gruss Von Krampus – Krampus is a mythical creature that represents the darker and opposite of St Nicholas of the Christmas tradition. He is acknowledged commonly in Germany and surrounding parts of Europe. He also believed to be a representation of the son of the Norse goddess Hel. Burn this incense when we want to reflect on our shadow selves and remind us of the dark and light of our character and that it is all part of our complexities. 
Hecate Crossroads incense – Burn Hecate Incense to invoke the power of the greek goddess of witchcraft and sorcery. Best during the dark or wanning moon  breathe deeply the sacred smoke to allow us to release the past, unblocking all that hinders our growth. Five in to her guidance and strength while transistioning through change. 
Light on a ignited charcoal. 
Do not consume as food. 

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Australian Bush Incense, Benzoin, Camphor, Cemetary Gates, Copal, Dammar Resin – Pine Resin, Dragon's Blood, Dreams and Visions Incense, Emerald Faery Incense, Frankincense, Good Business Incense, Gruss Vom Krampus, Gum Arabic, Hekate of the Crossroads Incense, Honey Amber, Horned God Incense, Myrrh, peach resin, Pine Resin, Piskie Incense, Sacred Sandalwood, Samhain Ancestors Call, Scrying Incense