Magical Housekeeping : Simple Charms and Practical Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home – Tess Whitehurst


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Every inch and component of your home is filled with an invisible life force and unique magical energy. “Magical Housekeeping” teaches readers how to sense, change, channel, and direct these energies to create harmony in their homes, joy in their hearts, and success in all areas of their lives. In this engaging guide, energy consultant and teacher Tess Whitehurst shares her secrets for creating an energetically powerful and positive home. Written for those new to metaphysics as well as experienced magical practitioners, “Magical Housekeeping” will teach readers how to summon success, happiness, romance, abundance, and all the desires of the heart. And, by guiding them to make changes in both the seen and unseen worlds simultaneously, this dynamic and delightful book will help to activate and enhance readers’ intuition and innate magical power.