May 22 : Ancient Magical Gems, Crystals & Body Adornment with Dr Caroline Tully


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When – Sat 22nd May, 2021

Where – Muses of Mystery

Time 11.00 – 2.00

Witches regularly wear occult jewellery: pentagram pendants, amber, jet, moonstone, coral, or even

acorn necklaces; magical rings with special stones or symbolic designs; and lots of silver, the metal of

the moon. Wearing jewellery is a form of communication: to the wearer to other people, and to

hidden forces attracted by certain colours, substances and patterns. Join Dr Caroline Tully in a

workshop about magical gems and jewellery from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt; ancient healing

modalities and gods; and healing astrology. Learn about the stone amulets, empowering talismans,

and protective jewellery of the Ancient World, and the spells used to activate them. Through

discussion and practical ritual, contemporary approaches to healing magic will be revealed. Bring a

piece of your own jewellery and through ritual we will draw down the stars to consecrate it to a

healing deity. Participants will also take home their own moonstone amulet.

Caroline has a background in various traditions of witchcraft and magick. She has written for many

Pagan and occult publications and was a feature writer for Australia’s Witchcraft Magazine for six

years. Caroline is also an archaeologist who studies ancient Mediterranean Pagan religions as well as

their manifestation in the modern world. She has many areas of interest including ancient religions,

the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema and contemporary Paganisms, particularly

Witchcraft and Pagan Reconstructionism.

Places are limited with covid restrictions in practice.

No refunds for cancellation or non attendance.

Book in store or online to secure your place in advance.