Nunderite Tumble Stone


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As a combination of Andalusite and Epidote, Nunderite holds energies which gently lift us spiritually while instilling clear focus and direction.  It is instantly calming to the heart chakra, which balances emotions and urges us to think clearly.  It grounds and settles us down, deep into the earth, as it offers stability in mental intelligence and awakening of the heart.  It is a lovely stone for gathering groups of like-minded people who wish to achieve cohesive goals, yet it also gives us fortitude to pursue individual efforts selflessly, but with self-confidence.

Nunderite is super protective with an ability to clear the auric field, charging it with Light, which offers protection and comfort during times of change.  It grounds deeply into the earth, so it is helpful to those who wish to work with earth energies or pursue shamanic endeavors.  Nunderite offers an opportunity to evaluate your tribe, with open-minded honesty and release those who do not serve your highest good. It allows this to happen with grace, clearing the auric field and subtle bodies, making room for healthier relationships and partners; both personally and professionally.    Filling your energy field with Light, and eliminating the need to hold on to the negative, this stone acts as a beacon for the like-minded.