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Potash Alum – Stops gossip

Hoodoo Love Powder – Sprinkle love powder in your shoes. Blow the powder in the four directions or towards a person or place. Use in spells.

Hot Foot Powder – Rid yourself of enemies, undesirable neighbours, negative influences.

Cascarilla – Use to protect from negative energy.

Anti Depression Powder – Sprinkle in shoes or under pillow to lift spirits.

Hoodoo – Protection Powder – Sprinkle around home, workspace, car or shoes to create a seal of protection.

Money Drawing Powder – Sprinkle on legal documents, lottery tickets, contracts, wallets and bag to draw money to you.

Orange Colour Pigment – Sacral work, lifts depression and feelings of abandonment, opens opportunity.

Pink Colour Pigment – love spells, harmony, friendship.

Yellow Colour Pigment – Solar Plexis, healing, increase productivity, self esteem.

Green Colour Pigment – Heart, wealth and prosperity.

Blue Colour Pigment – throat chakra, patience, peace, joy


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