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Hoodoo Money Drawing Powder – Raises Spirits/ Support/ Hope. Sprinkle on legal documents, lottery tickets, contracts andin your wallet and bag to drawing money and prosperity to you. Add to mojo pouches to attract opportunities. Sprinkle into shoes to walk in abundance. 

Hoodoo Unhexing Powder – To undo jinxes/curses/Hexes. To stop bad luck, an unnatural illness or have no known enemy, you may have been crossed or hexed, or someone may have hooked roots into you. You may or may not know who it is but you suspect or remember how it was done. Sprinkle unhexing (uncrossing powder) across your enemy’s track of doorstep or dress their socks or shoes. 

Hoodoo Anti – Depression Powder – Raises spirits/support/hope. Sprinkle into your shoes, under your pillow, or add to mojo pouches to help raise your spirits and feel supported. Helps you see and feel hope. 

Hoodoo Protection Powder – Protection/Strength/Defence. Sprinkle powder around your home, work space or in your car or shoes to create a seal of protection from low and mischievious energy vampires and harm. 

Hot Foot Powder – Rid yourself of negative people. Hot foot powder to rid yourself of enemies, undesirable neighbours, negative/abusive people, or any situation that negatively influences you. Sprinkle in areas your subject frequently walks,  on chairs/otherobjects they use often. Step backwards 3 to 5 steps while stating your intention clearly. Turn your back …do not look back. 

Hoodoo Love Powder – Love attraction/self love. Sprinkle in your shoes. Blow the powedr to the four directiosn or towards a person or place. Draw love sigils with the powder on you altar. Dress a pink or red candle during love rituals. Place in a mojo bag with a rose quartz to attract love into your life. 

Hoodoo Hex Powder – Hexing/crossing. Used for removing people/things/situations/curses out of your life once and for all. Powders can be used in mojo bags, gris gris bags and magical pouches as well as annointing candles. 

Fiery Wall of Protection Powder – Protection/purification. Fiery wall of proteciton is among the most famous classic conditions formulas. Its name invokes the power of archangel Michael’s power of Archangel Michaels protective flaming sword. Sprinkle around your home or business in your car or anywhere you feel vulnerable. 


All powders are made from our original and reciepes from the Muses of Mystery grimoire. 

Made in Australia by Muses of Mystery. 

Size: 10 grams

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