Pythonic Tarot with Guide Book by Circle of Wolves


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This deck is intended to be used for more than mundane questions – it is useful as a tool for spiritual and emotional clarity and growth.


Every painting was created and channeled in meditation, with symbols and energies that are deeply personal to me. As someone who deals with psychiatric illness, I wanted the Pythonic Tarot to be particularly useful to those of you who also deal with mental health struggles. From my own experience, the tarot has been a crucial tool to help me understand myself (and others) in a more meaningful way.


The deck is ideal for beginners to the tarot or more seasoned practitioners.

Set Includes:


✶ the Pythonic Tarot deck:

79 cards with 2 versions of Trump #13, Death.


✶ The Pythonic Tarot guidebook:

77 pages of gnosis, insight and symbolism.