Rose of Jericho



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Rose of Jericho brings peace, prosperity and abundance to your personal life or business. 

Protects againsta illness and all types of negative influences.

Use the water of the Rose of Jericho to bless and cleanse person or spaces. 

To use rose of Jericho it will start as a dried ball. Hold the plant and set intention to it. Add fresh water to a small bowl. Spring, river or holy water filled to about 1cm high and place roots of the plant on top of the water. Do not submerge. The Rose of jericho will open allowing your intention to grow. 

Change water regularly to avoid mould. Use the disgarded water for cleansing items and home. When taken out of the water it will dry and curl back into a ball for use another time. 

Sold per piece. 

Origin: USA


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