Saudade – au de parfum by Daphne Camf


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Saudade (pronounced ?sau-da-chey?) describes in Portuguese, a feeling of yearning, melancholic nostalgia for moments that have passed. It is both a sensual and cerebral wallowing in and indulgence of memories, whether pleasurable or painful. The word has no English equivalent, but is sometimes described as ?the love that remains?. .
Scent has the ability to trigger, often instantaneously, a state of saudade, reminding us of childhood moments, past loves, or places we have visited. .
Natural perfumes combine uniquely with a wearer?s personal skin chemistry, and by doing so, Saudade seeks to amplify the wearer?s personal response to the scent, both immediately on a sensory level, as well as in less tangible, etheric ways. .
After the initial burst of powdery, violet-like orris root dissipates, a base of warm, sensual and skin-like amber blends seamlessly with herbaceous and wood notes, while cucumber adds a subtle, unique brightness and wearability. As with all my perfumes, Saudade is a gender neutral scent. .
Ingredients: handmade orris root tincture, cucumber hydrosol, essential oils of amber, amyris, petitgrain, frankincense, greenheart wood, lavender, cedarwood, neroli, ambrette seed, clary sage, labdanum absolute, oakmoss absolute .