Violet Leaf


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Feminine/ Venus? Water

Powers: Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace and Healing

Wear a sachet of violet leaf to cure headaches and for good luck. Add to protection sachets. Brings changes in luck and fortune.

Violets are seen as a symbol of the constancy of love and fertility. add to all love spells and carry in love mojo’s.

Mix with lavender to attract new love and arouse lust.

Violets are associated with twilight, a magickal time between times when the otherworld is closer and it is easier to slip through. Violet wine or tea may be taken at twilight to assist passage into the other realms.

Violets are sacred to the goddess of love and may be used in incenses, garlands and altar offerings to invoke and honour her.

Do not consume. Keep away from children and pets.

10 gram packet.